fn-type Type of Footnote

Type of information conveyed in the footnote (for example, contributor’s current affiliation, financial disclosure statement, reprint information).


There are many reasons why the text or metadata of an article might be footnoted. Where those reasons are known (for example, one of the reasons listed in the restricted values list below), this attribute can preserve that information. This could be a means of preserving, for example, that a contributor is on a leave of absence.
In this Tag Set, the @fn-type has a fixed list of values. Many JATS users find a restricted list useful for quality checking. But new situations for footnoting arrive that are not covered by this list, and there is an attribute to handle them.

Custom attribute value escape hatch

When a JATS tagger needs to record a value that is not a named value on the list, they should use the value “custom”. This tells a JATS processor that this footnote is not one of the known types. The attribute @custom-type should then be used to record the type of footnote.
For any <fn> with a @fn-type attribute that takes the value “custom”, then the @custom-type attribute must be used and must have a value. Schematron or similar can be used to enforce this and, if desired, to constrain the @custom-type values.
OPTIONAL on element: <fn>
Value Meaning
abbr Abbreviations.
com Communicated-by information.
con Contributed-by information.
coi-statement Term for Conflict of Interest statements.
conflict Older term for Conflict of Interest statements. “coi-statement” is now a JATS4R recommendation.
corresp Corresponding author information not identified separately, but merely footnoted.
current-aff Contributor’s current affiliation.
custom Not one of the meanings named in this list. The type can be found as the value of the attribute @custom-type.
deceased Person has died since article was written.
edited-by Contributor has the role of an editor.
equal Contributed equally to the creation of the document.
financial-disclosure Statement of funding or denial of funds received in support of the research on which an article is based.
on-leave Contributor is on sabbatical or other leave of absence.
other Some footnote type, other than those enumerated. To name the type, use the value “custom” and then the attribute @custom-type rather than this value “other”.
participating-researchers Contributor was a researcher for an article.
present-address Contributor’s current address.
presented-at Conference, colloquium, or other occasion at which this paper was presented.
presented-by Contributor who presented the material.
previously-at Contributor’s previous location or affiliation.
study-group-members Contributor was a member of the study group for the research.
supplementary-material Points to or describes supplementary material for the article.
supported-by Research upon which an article is based was supported by some entity.
Restriction @fn-type is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Sample

A footnote describing author contributions

<fn fn-type="con"><p>Contributors: AF planned and initiated
 the review, conducted literature searches, ...</p></fn>