<state> State or Province

The name of a state, province, territory, or other political unit used in an address. This is a lower-level subdivision than a country, but higher than a city, county, district, or parish. The names for such a unit vary geopolitically.


This element is typically part of an address or a location element such as <conf-loc> or <publisher-loc>. JATS users may choose to tag to this level of granularity or not.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  state        (#PCDATA %state-elements;)*                  >
Expanded Content Model


Tagged Sample


 <institution>Settles-Young Research Corporation</institution>
 <addr-line>283 Hawthorne Drive</addr-line>
 <addr-line>Suite 310</addr-line>
 <addr-line><city>Lexington</city>, <state>KY</state> 
 <phone>(859) 273-8543</phone>
 <fax>(859) 299-4683</fax>