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Abbreviation (NISO JATS table model)

abbreviation, conference namesee <conf-acronym>

abbreviation, journal idsee <journal-id>

Abbreviation or Acronym

<abstract> Abstract



Abstract Class Elements



academic degreeuse <degrees>

academic titleuse <degrees>


accepted datesee @date-type



access dateuse <date-in-citation>

accessibilitysee <alt-text>see <alt-title>see <long-desc>see @summary

accessibility onlyuse @specific-use





acronymuse <abbrev>see <conf-acronym>

Actuating the Link

added-after-electronic-publicationuse <notes>

added-in-proofuse <notes>

added-post-printuse <notes>

additional materialuse <supplementary-material>

additional material (integral)see <app-group>

additional material for part of a book (integral)see <app>

additional readinguse <ref-list>



Address/Contact Information



Address Line















affiliationsee <author-notes>


affiliation, where to placesee Tagging Affiliations

Affiliation Alternatives

aggregatorsee @journal-id-type

agreementsee <license>




alignmentsee @charoff






alpha order, listsee @list-type


Alternate Text Name (for a figure, etc.)

Alternate Title

alternative namessee Multiple Versions of a Name

alternatives see <ali:free_to_read>




Alternatives For Processing


alternatives to a citationsee <citation-alternatives>

alternatives to a collaborationsee <collab-alternatives>

Alternative Text







anchorsee <target>

anchoring a figuresee @position

ancillary materialuse <supplementary-material>

ancillary material (integral)see <app-group>

ancillary material for part of a book (integral)see <app>

animationsee <media>


Annotation Attributes parameter entitysee %annotation-atts;


Annotation in a Citation

%annotation-model; Annotation Model


announcersee <speaker>

<anonymous> Anonymous








<answer-set> Answer Set



Answer to a Question







Appearance of the Underline

appendicesuse <app-group>


appendix, to the bookuse <book-app>

Appendix Group

appendix group, to the bookuse <book-app-group>




appmuse <app-group>


archive or library control numberuse <book-id>


Arrangement of Subscripts and Superscripts


Array (Simple Tabulation)



artsee <fig>see <graphic>see <media>

Article/Publication Identifier Types parameter entitysee %pub-id-types;



article sequence numbersee @seq

<article-title> Article Title



ASCII titleuse <alt-title>


assistance, acknowledgment ofsee <ack>







Audience for the Question

audio objectsee <media>

audiovisualsee <supplementary-material>

@authenticated Authenticated

authorsee <contrib>see @contrib-type

author biographysee <bio>

<author-comment> Author Comment



author-groupsee <contrib-group>

author identifiersee <contrib-id>see @contrib-id-type

authority, keywordsee @kwd-group-type

authority, publication idsee @pub-id-type

Authority Responsible for an Identifier

Author Note Group




author of a cited worksee Multiple Versions of a Namesee Names and String Names in Citations

author of a figure, quote, graphic, etc.see <attrib>

authorssee <person-group>

availabilitysee <permissions>

<award-group> Award Group






Award Identifier



Axis (NISO JATS table model)

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