A named book component that contains text which is called a “Preface”; each publisher is free to define that term.
Note: A publisher could choose to call this component just another <front-matter-part>, but many publishers specifically identify prefaces, so this element was included in the BITS Tag Set.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  preface      %preface-model;                              >

Expanded Content Model

(book-part-meta?, named-book-part-body?, back?)


This element may be contained in:


<book-part-id book-part-id-type="publisher">NBK98243</book-part-id>
<p>Effectiveness and Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, systematic
reviews of existing research on the effectiveness, comparative effectiveness,
and comparative harms of different medical tests, are intended ...</p>
<p>The <italic>Methods Guide for Medical Test Reviews</italic> complements
<p>The series of chapters comprising this Medical Test Methods Guide
is the result of a collaborative effort ...</p>