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maiden nameuse <given-names>

mailstopuse <addr-line>

major topic areasee <conf-theme>

Make Prefix Equal “xsi”

manuscript numberuse <book-id>

mapsee @fig-type

marginaliause <boxed-text>see @position

materialssee @sec-type

mathsee <disp-formula>see <inline-formula>

Math (MathML Tag Set)


mathematical expressionsee <disp-formula>see <inline-formula>


math fontuse <inline-formula>

MathML 3.0 Annotation Model parameter entitysee %annotation-xml.model;





MathML Namespace Declaration





MathML Tag Set Module parameter entitysee %mathml.dtd;


math modeuse <inline-formula>





Media Object

media of a cited worksee Format or Media of Cited Work

media typesee @mimetype

medical doctoruse <degrees>

metadatasee <custom-meta>see <sec-meta>

Metadata Data Name for Custom Metadata

Metadata Data Value for Custom Metadata

metadata for a bookuse <book-meta>

metadata for a book partuse <book-part-meta>







methodssee @sec-type

middle nameuse <given-names>



<milestone-end> Milestone End




<milestone-start> Milestone Start



mimesee @mimetype

@mime-subtype Mime Subtype

@mimetype Mime Type

<mixed-citation> Mixed Citation


mixed citations, discussionsee Mixed Style Citations


moduleuse <book-part>


moneysee @currency

monikeruse <prefix>

monofontsee <preformat>



Monospace Text (Typewriter Text)

<month> Month


more rowssee @rowspan

movieuse <media>

multi-language citationsuse <citation-alternatives>

multi-language collaborationsuse <collab-alternatives>


MultiLength Datatype parameter entitysee %MultiLength.datatype;

multimediasee <media>

multimedia groupsee <fig-group>

multimedia objectsee @mimetype

multi-part keywordssee Tagging Complex/Compound Keywords

multiple-choice question choicesee <option>

multiple formssee <self-uri>

multiple forms of a graphicsee Tagging Multiple Versions

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