A named book component that contains text which is called a “Foreword”; each publisher is free to define that term.
Note: A publisher could choose to call this component just another <front-matter-part>, but many publishers specifically identify forewords, so this element was included in the BITS Tag Set.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  foreword     %foreword-model;                             >

Expanded Content Model

(book-part-meta?, named-book-part-body?, back?)


This element may be contained in:


<p>The Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) series fulfills the Substance
Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration&rsquo;s (SAMHSA&rsquo;s)
mission to improve prevention and treatment of ...</p>
<p>The talent, dedication, and hard work that TIPs panelists and reviewers
bring to this highly participatory process have helped ...</p>