Conference Information

Container element to contain information about a single conference and its proceedings.


Design Note: This element and all the contained conference elements were largely based on the original elements from the CrossRefdate a schema.

Related Elements

The container element <conference> holds all of the elements that may be used to describe a conference, when a book or book component was originally presented at a conference. Those elements include: <conf-date>, <conf-name>, <conf-acronym>, <conf-num>, <conf-loc>, <conf-sponsor>, <conf-theme>, and <string-conf>.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  conference   %conference-model;                           >

Expanded Content Model

(conf-date | conf-name | conf-num | conf-loc | conf-sponsor | conf-theme | conf-acronym | string-conf | x)*


This element may be contained in:


<pub-date iso-8601-date="2006"><year>2006</year></pub-date>
<conf-date iso-8601-date="2006-08-14">14 August 2006</conf-date>
<string-conf>&rdquo;HIV/AIDS in Prison: A Comprehensive
Response,&ldquo; Satellite meeting at the <conf-name>XVI
International AIDS Conference</conf-name></string-conf>
<conf-name>HIV/AIDS in Prison: A Comprehensive Response</conf-name>
<conf-acronym>AIDS 2006</conf-acronym>
<conf-loc>Toronto, Canada</conf-loc>
<conf-theme content-type="conference">Time to Deliver</conf-theme>
<conf-sponsor content-type="satellite">Public Health Agency
of Canada</conf-sponsor>
<conf-sponsor content-type="satellite">United Nations Office
on Drugs and Crime</conf-sponsor>
<conf-sponsor content-type="conference">Government of Canada</conf-sponsor>
<conf-sponsor content-type="conference">Swedish International
Development Agency (Sida)</conf-sponsor>