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@calendar Calendar

calendar erasee <era>








Caption of a Figure, Table, etc.


cartoonsee @fig-type

cautionuse <boxed-text>

cellsee <td>see <th>



Cell Padding (NISO JATS table model)

cell rulesee @rules


Cell Spacing (NISO JATS table model)


centeredsee @align

change historysee <pub-history>

chapteruse <book-part>

chapter metadatause <book-part-meta>




Chapter Title in a Citation


charactersee @char




chartsee @fig-type

chemical abstractuse <abstract>

chemical equationsee <chem-struct>

chemical expressionsee <chem-struct>

chemical reactionsee <chem-struct>

Chemical Structure (Display)

Chemical Structure Wrapper









Chinese erasee <era>

citationuse <mixed-citation>see <ref>

citation, reference tosee <ref>


<citation-alternatives> Citation Alternatives

Citation Alternatives Attributes





citation commentaryuse <annotation>


citation for a thesissee Thesis or Dissertation

citation for a websitesee Website

citation listuse <ref-list>


citation numbersee <label>

citation numbers/designatorssee Labels in Citations

citations, abbreviatedsee Abbreviated Citations

citations, booksee Cited Books

citations, incompletesee Abbreviated Citations

citations, journal articlessee The Critical Tags for Journals

citations, preserving the punctuationsee Mixed Style Citations

citations, removing all punctuationsee Element Style Citations

citations, taggingsee Tagging References

citations, tagging conferences insee Conferences in Citations

citations, tagging dates insee Dates in Citations

citations, tagging format or media in see Format or Media of Cited Work

citations, tagging labels insee Labels in Citations

citations, tagging length and size insee Length and Size

citations, tagging ordinals insee Tagging Ordinal Numbers

citations, tagging personal names insee Names and String Names in Citations

citations, tagging titles insee Titles in Citations

citations, what to tag for citation matcherssee The Critical Tags for Journals

citation to a booksee Book Citations

citation to a conference proceedingssee Conference Proceedings

citation to a databasesee Database Citations

citation to a forthcoming publicationsee Forthcoming Publication

citation to a government reportsee Government Report

citation to a internet journalsee Internet Journal

citation to a journal articlesee Journal Citations

citation to an unpublished conferencesee Conference (Unpublished)

citation to a patentsee Patent

citation typessee “Type” of Cited Work

citysee <addr-line>

<city> City


%city-elements; City Elements

classification groupsee <subj-group>

classification valuesee <subject>

CMLsee <chem-struct>

<code> Code

Code Attributes


coded keywordssee Tagging Complex/Compound Keywords

%code-elements; Code Elements

Code Language

Code Language Version

code to be runuse @executable


@code-version Code Version









collab-affiliationsee <aff>







collaboration, reference tosee @ref-type

Collaboration Alternatives

Collaboration Alternatives Attributes

Collaborative (Group) Author


Collection, Type of



Collection Identifier




Collection Metadata



collegesee <aff>see <institution>

college degreeuse <degrees>



columnsee @rulessee @span

Column Span (NISO JATS table model)

column specificationsee <col>see <colgroup>

column widthsee @width

commentsee <author-comment>


commentary, for a citationsee <annotation>



Comment in a Citation


Common Attributes Shared by All Elements


Common Table Attributes (NISO JATS table model) parameter entitysee %Common.attrib;

commonwealth (in the United States, e.g. Virginia)use <state>

companion articlesee <related-article>

companysee <institution>

compound-formulasee <chem-struct>

Compound Keyword

Compound Keyword Part

compound keywordssee Tagging Complex/Compound Keywords










Compound Subject Name




Compound Subject Part Name

computer codesee <monospace>

conclusionssee @sec-type

conditions for usesee <license>







confederated keywordssee String Keywords


conference (unpublished), cited examplesee Conference (Unpublished)

Conference Acronym



Conference Date

Conference Information

Conference Location


Conference Name

Conference Number

conference proceedings, cited examplesee Conference Proceedings

conferences in citationssee Conferences in Citations

Conference Sponsor

Conference Theme

conflict-of-interestsee <author-notes>see <notes>
















consortiumsee <collab>see <contrib>

contactsee <corresp>

contact informationuse <corresp>see @corresp


@continued-from Continued From

contract informationsee <funding-group>

contractionsee <abbrev>

contract numberuse <award-id>

contract sponsoruse <funding-source>
















contributionsee <role>

contribution allocationsee @equal-contrib

contribution typesee @contrib-type


contributor biographysee <bio>

Contributor Group

Contributor Identifier

Contributor Identifier Type

contributors and affiliationssee Tagging Affiliations

control numbersee <journal-id>

copyrightsee <license>see <permissions>

copyright clearance centersee <license>

<copyright-holder> Copyright Holder



<copyright-statement> Copyright Statement



<copyright-year> Copyright Year



corporate authorsee <collab>

corporationsee <aff>see <institution>


correct answeruse <option>

corrected datesee @date-type

correctionsee <related-article>

Correct Option Flag






correspondence addresssee <author-notes>see <corresp>

Correspondence Information

corresponding authorsee <corresp>see @corresp

Corresponding Author

corrigendasee <related-article>

corrigendumsee <related-article>

@count Count

count, equations in the booksee <book-equation-count>

count, figures in the booksee <book-fig-count>

count, pages in the booksee <book-page-count>

count, references in the booksee <book-ref-count>

count, tables in the booksee <book-table-count>

count, words the booksee <book-word-count>


@country Country

country, funding sourcesee @country

Country: in an Address


country codesee @country


country subdivisionuse <state>

<counts> Counts

Counts Attributes



@count-type Count Type

countysee <addr-line>

couriersee <monospace>

cover datesee <pub-date>

credit linesee <attrib>see <contrib>

crossed offuse <strike>

cross-outsee <strike>

cross-references, internaluse <xref>

Cross-References Class

@currency Currency

currency codeuse @currency

custom characteruse <private-char>



Custom Metadata

Custom Metadata Group

Custom Metadata Group Attributes





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