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dashedsee @underline-style

database, cited examplesee Database Citations

data in citationssee Citing Data

dataset, reference tosee <ext-link>see <inline-supplementary-material>see <supplementary-material>

<data-title> Data Title


%data-title-elements; Data Title Elements

Datatype parameter entitysee %MultiLength.datatype;

data versionsee <version>

<date> Date

date, conferencesee <conf-date>

date, unstructuredsee <string-date>

Date as a String






datelinesee <pub-date>see <pub-history>



date purposesee @date-type

dates in citationssee Dates in Citations


date typeuse @date-type

Date within a Citation

<day> Day


day of monthuse <day>

deaduse @deceased

death-noticesee <author-notes>see <notes>

@deceased Deceased

<dedication> Dedication

dedication, when not a front matter sectionsee <ack>







Default Type of Cross(x)-Reference parameter entitysee %ref-types;





defined objectuse <term-head>

definition itemuse <def-item>

Definition List

Definition List: Definition

Definition List: Definition Head

Definition List: Definition Head Attributes

Definition List: Definition Item

Definition List: Term

Definition List: Term Head

Definition List: Term Head Attributes

Definition List Class Element

Definition List Item Class Element











degreeuse <degrees>






dekuse <abstract>

departmentsee <aff>

described objectuse <term-head>

descriptionsee <long-desc>see @sec-type


Description of a Private Character


Designator of the Edition

diagramsee @fig-type

dialoguse <speech>

dimensionssee <size>

directoruse <role>

discontinuous pagesuse <page-range>








@display-as Display As



displayed chemicalsee <chem-struct>

displayed formulause <disp-formula>


display formula, reference tosee @ref-type

Display Level of a Heading

display order, nameuse @name-style

display quoteuse <disp-quote>

display quote attributionsee <attrib>





District of Columbiause <state>

divisionsee <book-part>see <institution>

division, documentsee <sec>

division, organizationalsee <aff>


Document Identifier

Document Identifier Type


Document Internal Identifier

Document Subtitle

@document-type Document Type

DOIuse <book-id>see @journal-id-type

do not change caseuse <fixed-case>

double underlinesee @underline-style



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