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background imageuse @position


Back Matter for a Book Part



@baseline-shift Baseline Shift

beneathsee <underline>

best practice citation taggingsee The Critical Tags for Journals

bibliographic entry, reference tosee @ref-type

bibliographic information for the booksee <book-meta>

bibliographic itemuse <ref>

bibliographic listuse <ref-list>

bibliographyuse <ref-list>





BITS Common (Shared) Element Module





block formulasee <disp-formula>


block quoteuse <disp-quote>

block quote signatureuse <attrib>

blog entry, reference tosee @ref-type

blurbuse <abstract>


body, tablesee <tbody>



Body of a Book Part

Body of the Book

<bold> Bold


<book> Book

book, cited examplesee Book Citations




Book Appendix Attributes

Book Appendix Class

Book Appendix Group Attributes

Book Appendix Group Model

Book Appendix Model







Book Back Attributes


Book Back Matter

Book Back-Matter-Only Class






book citationssee “Type” of Cited Work

book citations, discussionsee Cited Books

book control numberuse <book-id>













book footnotessee <fn>



Book Identifier


Book-level Count (generic count)

Book-level Equation Count

Book-level Figure Count

Book-level Page Count

Book-level Reference Count

Book-level Table Count

Book-level Word Count



Book Metadata (Whole Book)







<book-part> Book Part






Book Part Identifier


Book-part-level Appendix

Book-part-level Appendix Group




Book Part Metadata






<book-part-wrapper> Book Part Wrapper









<book-title> Book Title

book title (in bibliographic entry)use <source>



<book-title-group> Book Title Group



book title in citationssee Titles in Citations





Book Volume Identifier

<book-volume-number> Book Volume Number







Border (Frame) around a Table (NISO JATS table model)

borders and framessee Table Formatting


<boxed-text> Boxed Text

boxed text, reference tosee @ref-type




Break Attributes



building numberuse <addr-line>

bulletsee @list-type

businesssee <aff>

bylinesee <contrib>

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