Translated Title Group

Container element for translated and transliterated titles.


This element may be repeated, for example, to provide translations in multiple languages, with the language indicated using the @xml:lang attribute.
Best Practice: Although, for reasons of backwards compatibility with older versions of JATS, the @xml:lang attribute may be placed on the elements inside this element, best practice is to use @xml:lang on this element, the container for the alternative language titles.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  trans-title-group
                        %trans-title-group-model;                    >

Expanded Content Model

(label?, trans-title, trans-subtitle*)


This element may be contained in:


This example shows basic use of a <trans-title>:
<book-title>Global Burden of Disease and Risk Factors</book-title>
<trans-title-group xml:lang="es">
<trans-title>Carga mundial de morbilidad y de factores de riesgo</trans-title>
<trans-title-group xml:lang="fr">
<trans-title>Charge de morbidit&eacute; mondiale et facteurs de risque</trans-title>