Book Metadata (Whole Book)

Within a <book>, such as a monograph, encyclopedia, or reference volume, etc., the <book-meta> contains the whole-book-level metadata elements such as book title, book identifier such as DOI, series name, edition, ISBN, et al. This element is a direct parallel to the <front> element in NISO JATS.


Design Note: Everything is optional in this model, in parallel with the design of the NISO JATS Archiving Tag Set, so that even a book identifier and a book title are optional.

Related Elements

A BITS <book> may be divided into several components:
  1. the <book-meta> (the bibliographic information about the entire book);
  2. the <front-matter> (the narrative front matter of a book or book part such as a Preface);
  3. the <book-body> (the textual and graphical content of the book); and
  4. any <book-back> (any ancillary information such as a glossary, reference list, or appendix).


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  book-meta    %book-meta-model;                            >

Expanded Content Model

(book-id*, subj-group*, book-title-group?, (contrib-group | aff | aff-alternatives | x)*, author-notes?, pub-date*, book-volume-number?, book-volume-id*, issn*, issn-l?, isbn*, publisher*, edition*, supplementary-material*, pub-history*, permissions?, self-uri*, (related-article | related-object)*, (abstract)*, trans-abstract*, (kwd-group)*, funding-group*, conference*, counts?, custom-meta-group*, (notes)*)


This element may be contained in:


<book dtd-version="2.0">  
<book-id book-id-type="publisher">handbook-648</book-id>
<book-title>The NCBI Handbook</book-title>
<contrib contrib-type="editor">
<xref ref-type="aff" rid="bid.m.1"/>
<contrib contrib-type="editor">
<xref ref-type="aff" rid="bid.m.1"/>
<aff id="bid.m.1">
<institution>National Center for Biotechnology Information
(NCBI), National Library of Medicine, National Institutes
of Health</institution>,
<addr-line>Bethesda, MD 20892-6510</addr-line>
<pub-date iso-8601-date="2002-11"><month>11</month>
<publisher-name>National Center for Biotechnology Information
(NCBI), National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of 
<publisher-loc>Bethesda, MD</publisher-loc>
<book-fig-count count="98"/>
<book-table-count count="40"/>
<book-equation-count count="0"/>
<book-ref-count count="115"/>
<book-page-count count="532"/>
<book-word-count count="149852"/>