Figure Group

Container element for figures that are to be displayed together.


One figure may contain many graphics; this container element has been defined to combine more than one <fig> elements.
Related Resource: For a discussion on the use of <fig-group>, see Figures and Graphics.
Position: The @position attribute may be used to indicate whether this element must be anchored at its exact location within the text or whether it may float, for example: to the top of the next page, into the next column, to the end of a logical file, or within a separate window.
Multi-language Figures/Figure Groups: JATS provides several ways to tag figures and figure groups in multiple languages. The element <block-alternatives> can be used to hold two or more versions of the figure or figure group, each in a different language. It is also possible to place multiple <label> and <caption> elements inside a single figure or figure group, one label and caption for each language, differentiated by @xml:lang attributes. In the case of double labels and captions, the content of the figure or figure group is not repeated, only the labels and captions.

Related Elements

Both figures (<fig>) and graphics (<graphic>) may appear either grouped within a <fig-group> or singly within textual material.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT  fig-group    %fig-group-model;                            >

Expanded Content Model

((label)*, (caption)*, (abstract)*, (kwd-group)*, (subj-group)*, (alt-text | long-desc | email | ext-link | uri)*, (fig | block-alternatives | xref | alternatives | graphic | media)*)


This element may be contained in:


No context is shown because <fig-group> is typically an artifact of the print layout process outside the narrative flow of the article:
<fig-group id="dogpix4">
  <caption><title>Figures 12-14 Bonnie Lassie</title>
  <p>Three perspectives on My Dog</p></caption>
  <fig id="fg-12">
   <caption><p>View A: From the Front, Laughing</p></caption>
   <graphic xlink:href="frontView.png"/>
  <fig id="fg-13">
   <caption><p>View B: From the Side, Best Profile</p></caption>
   <graphic xlink:href="sideView.png"/>
  <fig id="fg-14">
   <caption><p>View C: In Motion, A Blur on Feet</p></caption>
   <graphic xlink:href="motionView.png"/>