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Back Attributes



background imageuse @position

Back Matter

Back Matter, Display Element Class Elements parameter entitysee %display-back-matter.class;

Back Matter Class Elements parameter entityuse %back.class;

Back Matter Class parameter entityuse %back.class;

Back Matter Elements Module parameter entitysee %backmatter.ent;


Back Matter Model parameter entitysee %back-model;


@baseline-shift Baseline Shift


Base Tag Set Name

beneathsee <underline>

Best practice citation taggingsee Critical Tags for Journals

bibliographic entry, reference tosee @ref-type

bibliographic itemuse <ref>

bibliographic listuse <ref-list>

bibliographic reference taggingsee Tagging References

bibliographyuse <ref-list>

Bibliography References (Citation) Elements Module parameter entitysee %references.ent;

Binary Operators for MathML parameter entitysee %ISOamsb;see %ISOamsb;


bio, reference tosee @ref-type



Biography Attributes parameter entitysee %bio-atts;

Biography Model parameter entitysee %bio-model;


Bits Question and Answer Module


Block Alternatives Attributes



Block Alternatives Class Elements

%block-alternatives-model; Block Alternatives Model

Block chemical structure wrappersee <chem-struct-wrap>


Block Display Class Elements parameter entitysee %block-display.class;



block formulasee <disp-formula>

Block-level Alternatives

Block-level Mathematical Expressions and Formulae Class Elements parameter entitysee %block-math.class;


block quoteuse <disp-quote>

block quote signaturesee <attrib>

blog entry, reference tosee @ref-type

blurbuse <abstract>


body, tablesee <tbody>

Body Attributes



Body Model parameter entitysee %body-model;

Body of the Document

Bold Attributes


book, cited examplesee Book Citations

book citationssee “Type” of Cited Work

book citations, discussionsee Cited Books

book reviewsee @article-typesee Tagging Book or Product Reviews

books receivedsee @article-type

book title (in bibliographic entry)use <source>

book title in citationssee Titles in Citations


Border (Frame) around a Table (NISO JATS table model)

borders and framessee Table Formatting

botensee @style-detail

Box and Line Drawing for MathML parameter entitysee %ISObox;

boxed text, reference tosee @ref-type

Boxed Text Attributes parameter entitysee %boxed-text-atts;



Boxed Text Model parameter entitysee %boxed-text-model;


Break Attributes



brief reportsee @article-type

building numbersee <addr-line>

bulletsee @list-type

businesssee <aff>

bylinesee <attrib>see <contrib>

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