<principal-investigator> Principal Investigator

Individual(s) responsible for the intellectual content of the work reported in the document.


Multiple co-PIs can be included in successive <principal-investigator> elements.
The <principal-award-recipient> may or may not be the same as the <principal-investigator>, for example; a grant could be awarded to a Department or to individual A, and individual B could serve as the Principal Investigator. When the same individual serves in both roles, the name should be listed in both places.
Note that an <institution> may be included as a <principal-award-recipient>, but not as a <principal-investigator>.

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<!ELEMENT  principal-investigator
                         %principal-investigator-elements;)*         >
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(#PCDATA | contrib-id | name | name-alternatives | string-name)*

Tagged Sample

Award description

 <kwd-group kwd-group-type="author">...</kwd-group>
  <award-group id="NIA94" award-type="grant">
   <funding-source>National Institute on Aging</funding-source>
    <string-name><given-names>Sharon R.</given-names>
  <funding-statement><bold>Funding:</bold> The study upon which
   this article is based was funded by the National Institute on
   Aging under grant AG20962 (to SRK, principal investigator).
   The funding source had no role in study design; collection,
   analysis, and interpretation of data; writing of the paper;
   or the decision to submit it for publication.</funding-statement>