<trans-source> Translated Source

Title of the source (for example, journal, book, conference proceedings) containing material being cited in a bibliographic reference or product, when the title is translated into a language other than that in which it was originally published.


As an example, if a book’s title were originally in French, the <source> element would contain the French title, and the <trans-source> might contain the equivalent English book title.

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<!ELEMENT  trans-source (#PCDATA %source-elements;)*                 >
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Tagged Samples
In citations
Mixed citation
 <mixed-citation publication-type="book">
  <source xml:lang="de">Immobilisierte 
  Biokatalysstoren</source> [<trans-source xml:lang="en">Immobilized 
  biocatalysts</trans-source>]. <publisher-loc>Berlin</publisher-loc>:
  <year iso-8601-date="1988">1988</year>. <lpage>212</lpage> p. (Ger).
Element citation
 <element-citation publication-type="book">
  <person-group person-group-type="author">
  <source xml:lang="de">Immobilisierte Biokatalysstoren</source>
  <trans-source xml:lang="en">Immobilized biocatalysts</trans-source>
  <year iso-8601-date="1988">1988</year>
Reference translated from Chinese to English including a transliteration of the Chinese
<ref id="CIT0005">
 <label>Bā (z.j.)</label>
 <mixed-citation publication-type="book">
  <person-group person-group-type="author"><name-alternatives>
  <string-name name-style="eastern" xml:lang="zh">巴金</string-name>
  <string-name><surname>Bā</surname><x> </x><given-names>Jīn</given-names>
  </person-group><x>, </x><source xml:lang="zh-Hant">第四病室</source><x> </x>
  <trans-source content-type="transliteration">Dì sì bìngshǐ</trans-source>
  <x> [</x><trans-source xml:lang="en">Ward number 4</trans-source><x>]. </x>
  <publisher-loc>香港 Hong Kong</publisher-loc><x>: </x>
  <publisher-name>南國出版社 Nánguó Chūbǎnshè</publisher-name><x>, </x>
  <comment>n.y. Probable year of publication between 1956 and 
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