<award-name> Award Name

Some awards are known by specific names, for historical reasons or to honor a funder, mentor, or researcher. This element holds the text of such a name, such as the “Marie Curie Career Integration Grant”, the “Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Chair” or the “Wolfson Merit Award”.


Examples of award names from PubMed Central include
  • <award-name>Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Award</award-name>
  • <award-name>Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Chair<award-name>
  • <award-name>University of Colorado Foundation, Courtenay C. and Lucy Patten Davis Endowed Chair in Lung Cancer Research</award-name>
  • <award-name>Michael G. Harris Ezell Fellowship</award-name>
  • <award-name>Excellence initiative "Heart and Cancer" Award</award-name>
Related Elements
Identifying grants and awards: There are (at least) three independent concepts at work in the description of a grant or an award:
  • <award-id> — An award or grant identifier. Preferably a short, machine-actionable string (such as <award-id>U1605212</award-id> or <award-id>P30DK020572<award-id>).
  • <award-name> — The natural language name of the award or grant, that is typically a phrase such as <award-name>Marie Curie Career Integration Grant</award-name> or <award-name>Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Chair</award-name>)
  • <award-desc> — An award description holds textual material concerning an award or grant that does not fit in one of the two elements above, for example, the word “Fellowship” or “German Egyptian research long-term scholarship”.
The award IDs, award names, and award descriptions are all connected by being in the same <award-group>.
The <award-name> of an award is typically a proper noun by which the award is known, such as “Richardson Grant for Excellence in Analysis” or the “Lee Honors Fellowship”. In contrast, the award description (<award-desc>) tells you something about the award, such as its type (“philanthropic grant”), project name (“project Tundrascape of the Terrestrial Flagship”), or naming grant-related institutions that are not the funding sources (“NCI-UMD partnership”).

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<!ELEMENT  award-name
                        (#PCDATA %award-name-elements;)*             >
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Tagged Samples
Technical achievement award
<award-name>Balisage Student Excellence Award</award-name>
Institution that is not a funder
<award-group id="fund2">
   <institution-id institution-id-type="FundRef"
   <institution>National Institute of Diabetes and 
    Digestive and Kidney Diseases</institution>
 <award-name>Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Chair</award-name>
   <given-names>Martin G</given-names>