count-type Count Type

Names what is being counted by the <count> element, for example, images, contributors, algorithms, etc.


This attribute may describe countable objects (for example, images, lemmas, or algorithms) for which there is no specifically named counting element. Alternatively, though not recommended, this attribute may be used with the <count> element and a value such as “figures”, replacing a named counter such as <fig-count>. The predefined counting elements should be used in preference.
REQUIRED on element: <count>
Value Meaning
The name of an object, element, structure The object being counted, for example, “contributors” when counting the number of authors or “images” for the number of images.
Restriction @count-type is required; it must be provided if the Count element is used.
Tagged Sample


 <count count-type="contributors" count="3"/>
 <fig-count count="5"/>