<self-uri> URI for This Same Article Online

URI for another version of a document. This element may be used when the document is available in multiple forms (for example, a printed article and in its expanded version with additional graphics available online).


The textual content of this element may be a URI (typically naming a website) when the text is used as a live link, or the element content may just be a few words and the link attributes hold the real link, for example:
<self-uri xlink:href="...URL here...">An expanded version of this document 
 is available online</self-uri>
Related Elements
<self-uri> is used when a document or document component (such as an article or a chapter) is available in multiple forms, for example, as a means of indicating the online version of a print document. Conversely, a URI that indicates a different book, article, or any other kind of live-linked external reference is usually tagged as <ext-link>. The <uri> element, although allowed everywhere <ext-link> is used, is more typically part of an address, information concerning a contributor, or part of a reference citation. Loosely put, an external link <ext-link> element is intended to act as a link; a URI <uri> element identifies a URI (such as a URL) in the text, but may or may not be a traversable link; and the <self-uri> points to another form of the same document. To make any of these elements into a live link, add the XLink @xlink:href attribute.

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<!ELEMENT  self-uri     (#PCDATA %self-uri-elements;)*               >
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Tagged Sample

Link to online version of article

  <article-title>Substance use during pregnancy: time for policy to
   catch up with research</article-title>
  <copyright-statement>&copy;2004 Lester et al; licensee BioMed
   Central Ltd.</copyright-statement>
  <license license-type="open-access">
   <license-p>This is an Open Access article: verbatim copying ...</license-p>
 <self-uri xlink:href="http://www.harmreductionjournal.com/content/1/1/5">This
  article is available from http://www.harmreductionjournal.com/content/1/1/5</self-uri>
  <p>The phenomenon of substance abuse during pregnancy has fostered
   much controversy, specifically regarding treatment vs. punishment.
   Should the pregnant mother ...</p>