contrib-id-type Contributor Identifier Type

Names the type of contributor identifier, such as an ORCID or a ScopusID.


Type of Identifier Best Practice

Best Practice is to use the @contrib-id-type attribute to name the specific type of external identifier (such as an ORCID or a ScopusID) or for a generic type of identifier (such as a publisher’s identifier, a library or archive’s identifier, or similar).
Authority Identifier
The attribute @assigning-authority may be used to name the organization or system that assigned the identifier or administers the identifier (such as ORCID). Where the authority is adequately covered by naming the identifier type in the @contrib-id-type, this attribute may be omitted.
Case in Attribute Values
Upper/lower/mixed case in attribute values for organizations and identifier types is likely to be variable and thus unreliable for search/discovery. If possible, JATS recommends a case-insensitive search for such values. For example, if the contributor identifier is an ORCID, many publishers use “orcid” to keep all attribute values lower case, while others use “ORCID” because that is the native language acronym.
Historical Note
Until JATS version 1.2d2 (2018), the @contrib-id-type’s value conflated two meanings: the attribute could hold the type of identifier (such as an ORCID), or it could hold the name of the organization or system that defined or registered the identifier (such as ORCID). In cases where the two were identical (ORCID, arXiv, and similar) this did not cause a problem. But there was no way to state both that the identifier content of the element was a ScopusID and that the authority was Elsevier.
OPTIONAL on element: <contrib-id>
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The type of contributor identifier or the authority (such as a publisher or industry organization) that is responsible for the creation of the contributor identifier, for example, “ORCID” or “JST”.
Restriction @contrib-id-type is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Sample

An ORCID identifier for an author

 <contrib-id contrib-id-type="orcid" authenticated="true"></contrib-id>
 <contrib-id contrib-id-type="scopus">7007156898</contrib-id>
  <given-names>Josiah Stinkney</given-names></name>