pointer-to-question Pointer to Question

Used in an <answer> to point to the <question>(s) for which it supplies correct answer(s).
REQUIRED on element: <answer>
Value Meaning
One or more identifiers (of type IDREF) Points to the existing identifier(s) (@id attributes) of one or more <question> elements. Typically an answer points to a single question.
Restriction @pointer-to-question is required; it must be provided if the element is used.
Tagged Sample

Linking an answer to the question being answered

<question id="q3" question-response-type="true-false">
 <p>Peregrine White was the first English child born in 
  North America.</p>
 <answer pointer-to-question="q3" id="ans3">
<explanation pointer-to-explained="ans3">
 <p>The first English child born in North America was
  Virginia Dare.  She was born in August 1587, ...</p>