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ibidsee Abbreviated Citations

iconsee <inline-graphic>

idsee Abbreviated Citations



identifiersee <article-id>see <award-id>see <contrib-id>see <elocation-id>see <ext-link>see <institution-id>see <issue>see <issue-id>see <issue-part>see <journal-id>see <object-id>see <pub-id>see <uri>see <volume-id>see @abbrev-typesee @code-typesee @code-versionsee @collab-typesee @content-typesee @contrib-id-typesee @document-id-typesee @elocation-idsee @idsee @journal-idsee @object-idsee @ridsee @source-idsee @vocab-identifiersee @vocab-term-identifiersee @xlink:href

Identifier Class Elements parameter entitysee %id.class;

identifier for a datesee @date-type

identifier for a document componentsee @document-id

Identifier for a personsee <contrib-id>

identifier for the type of articlesee @article-type

identifier typesee @pub-id-type

identifier type, journalsee @journal-id-type

IETF RFC 5646 language codesuse @xml:lang

illustrationsee <fig>

illustration, reference tosee @ref-type

illustratoruse <role>

imagesee @format

image, inlinesee <inline-graphic>

imprintuse <edition>

in briefsee @article-type

incomplete citationssee Abbreviated Citations

incorrect answeruse <option>

Indentation Level


<index-term> Index Term

index termsee <kwd>




<index-term-range-end> Index Term Range End




inferioruse <sub>

information classsee @subj-group-type


Initials for Personal Names

in-kind supportsee <contributed-resource-group>see <resource-group>see <resource-id>see <resource-name>see <resource-wrap>see <support-description>see <support-group>


Inline Display Class Elements parameter entitysee %inline-display-noalt.class;see %inline-display.class;


Inline Elements parameter entitysee %Inline.mix;

inline equationsee <inline-formula>






Inline Graphic Attributes parameter entitysee %inline-graphic-atts;



Inline Graphic Model parameter entitysee %inline-graphic-model;

inline index termsee <index-term>


Inline Mathematical Expressions Class Elements parameter entitysee %inline-math.class;




Inline Media Object


Inline Supplementary Material Attributes parameter entitysee %inline-supplementary-material-atts;



Inline Supplementary Material Elements parameter entitysee %inline-supplementary-material-elements;

Inline Supplementary Material Metadata

in-line tablesee <array>

Inside an Answer Paragraph-Level Elements

inside articleuse <sub-article>

Inside a Table Paragraph Class Elements parameter entitysee %intable-para.class;


Inside Chemical Structure Elements parameter entitysee %inside-chem-struct-wrap.class;


Inside Table Cell Elements parameter entitysee %inside-cell;


Inside Table Wrapper Elements parameter entitysee %inside-table-wrap;

institutionsee <aff>

institutional authorsee <collab>

Institution Attributes parameter entitysee %institution-atts;



Institution Class Elements




Institution Identifier

Institution Identifier Attributes

Institution Identifier Model



Institution Name: in an Address

Institution Name Elements parameter entitysee %institution-elements;

institution or organization providing non-monetary supportsee <support-source>




Institution Wrap Class Elements


Institution Wrapper

Institution Wrapper Attributes

Institution Wrapper Model


internal cross referenceuse <xref>

internal identifiersee @id

internal referenceuse <xref>

international postal codeuse <postal-code>

International Standard Book Numberuse <isbn>

International Standard Linking Serial Numberuse <issn-l>

internet journal, cited examplesee Internet Journal

intra-document identifiersee @id

introductionsee @article-typesee @sec-type

investigation, contribution tosee <role>


Investigator Names Class parameter entitysee %investigator-name.class;

<isbn> ISBN

ISBN Attribute List parameter entitysee %isbn-atts;

ISBN Attributes parameter entitysee %isbn-atts;



ISBN Elements parameter entitysee %isbn-elements;

islenskuse @name-style

ISNI identifier for peoplesee @contrib-id-type

ISO 2108use <isbn>

ISO 3207use <issn>


ISO-8601 Formatted Date























issnsee <issn-l>see @journal-id-type


ISSN Attributes parameter entitysee %issn-atts;



ISSN Elements parameter entitysee %issn-elements;

ISSN International Standard Serial Number


ISSN-L (Linking ISSN)



ISSN Linking Attributes parameter entitysee %issn-l-atts;

ISSN Linking Elements parameter entitysee %issn-l-elements;



Issue Attributes parameter entitysee %issue-atts;



Issue Elements parameter entitysee %issue-elements;



Issue Identifier

Issue Identifier Attributes parameter entitysee %issue-id-atts;

issue metadatause <article-meta>

Issue Number

Issue Number of a Related Article

<issue-part> Issue Part

Issue Part Attributes



Issue Part Elements parameter entitysee %issue-part-elements;

<issue-sponsor> Issue Sponsor

Issue Sponsor Attributes parameter entitysee %issue-sponsor-atts;



Issue Sponsor Elements parameter entitysee %issue-sponsor-elements;

<issue-subtitle> Issue Subtitle

Issue Subtitle Attributes


%issue-subtitle-elements; Issue Subtitle Elements

<issue-title> Issue Title

issue titleuse <issue-title>

Issue Title Attributes parameter entitysee %issue-title-atts;



Issue Title Elements parameter entitysee %issue-title-elements;

<issue-title-group> Issue Title Group

Issue Title Group

Issue Title Group Attributes



<italic> Italic

Italic Attributes


item, definitionuse <def-item>

item, listsee <list-item>

item contentsee <list-item>

item numbersee <label>

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