<app-group> Appendix Group

Container element for one or more appendices (<app> elements).


As set up in the Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Set, the <app-group> element can contain both appendices and interspersed bibliographic reference lists, because some older journal tag sets make use of this model.
Design Note
This element is highly similar to the Appendix Matter <appm> element used in AAP-derivative and ISO 12083-derivative tag sets.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
The following, in order:
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  app-group    %app-group-model;                            >
Expanded Content Model

((object-id)*, label?, title?, (abstract)*, (kwd-group)*, (subj-group)*, (address | alternatives | answer | answer-set | array | block-alternatives | boxed-text | chem-struct-wrap | code | explanation | fig | fig-group | graphic | media | preformat | question | question-wrap | question-wrap-group | supplementary-material | table-wrap | table-wrap-group | disp-formula | disp-formula-group | def-list | list | tex-math | mml:math | p | related-article | related-object | ack | disp-quote | speech | statement | verse-group | x)*, (app | ref-list)*)

Tagged Sample

Inside back matter

<article dtd-version="1.3">
     <title>The Bipolar Seesaw.</title>
     <p>The evidence for the antiphasing of the millennial-duration climate
      changes occurring on the Antarctic continent ...</p>
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