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Sale price or licensing fees of a work.

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Article metadata <license>
 <elocation-id seq="1">051101</elocation-id>
  <license license-type="ccc">
  <page-count count="3"/>
 <source>Image-Guided Radiation Therapy in Lymphoma Management. 
 The Increasing Role of Functional Imaging</source>. 
 <name name-style="western"><surname>Macklis</surname>
 <given-names>R. M.</given-names></name>; 
 <name name-style="western"><surname>Conti</surname>
 <given-names>P. S.</given-names></name>. 
 <publisher-name>Informa Healthcare</publisher-name>, 
 <publisher-loc>Essex, United Kingdom</publisher-loc>,
 <year>year</year>, Price: <price>$324.00</price>. 
 ISBN: <isbn>9781420058741</isbn>, <size 
 units="pages">80</size> p. (hardcover)