<series-text> Series Text: Header Text to Describe

Textual description of the series of articles that is named in a <series-title> element.
Related Elements
Within the article metadata, the <series-title> element names a collection of articles within an issue or a collection of similar articles across multiple issues, while the <series-text> element provides textual description (if any) of the series.
The similarly named but unrelated element <series> is used in elements that include bibliographic citation information (such as <element-citation>, <mixed-citation>, <related-article>, <related-object>, and <product>) to identify publications that are part of a published series. In this context, the <series> element acts as a container element to hold any series data mentioned in the reference.

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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  series-text  (#PCDATA %series-text-elements;)*            >
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Tagged Sample

Article is part of a series on disease mongering

  <subject>disease mongering</subject>
 <series-text content-type="boilerplate">This is one of
  a series of articles on disease mongering in the April
  2006 issue.</series-text>