xmlns:ali NISO ALI Namespace (NISO Access and License Indicators)

This is not an attribute, but the namespace pseudo-attribute. The value provides a prefix to use for the ALI (NISO Access and License Indicators) elements. All namespace prefixes must be associated with a URL, and the prefix “ali” has been set to the URL http://www.niso.org/schemas/ali/1.0/ as per the NISO ALI best practices recommendation.


URI Caution: Please note that there is a slash “/” at the end of the namespace URI. A typo in JATS 1.1d3 caused the ALI namespace URI to have no slash at the end. This typo was fixed prior to JATS 1.1.
FIXED (not settable) on elements: <ali:free_to_read>, <ali:license_ref>, <article>
Value Meaning
http://www.niso.org/schemas/ali/1.0/ The URI named in the NISO Access License and Indicators for the ALI elements.
Restriction @xmlns:ali has a fixed value which may not be changed in the document.
Tagged Sample


 <ali:free_to_read xmlns:ali="http://www.niso.org/schemas/ali/1.0/" 
   start_date="2014-01-01" end_date="2014-12-31"/>