rules Rules (NISO JATS table model)

Defines which rules to draw between the rows and columns of an XHTML 1.1 table. (This attribute is based on and intended to be converted easily to the XHTML rules attribute.)


If the @rules attribute has not been used, the presence or absence of rules will be based on the @border attribute:
<table border="0">...</table>
If there is no @border attribute, then no rules are drawn. Otherwise, the value of the @rules attribute is assumed to be “all”. (The related table attribute @frame only concerns rules around the outside of the table.)
OPTIONAL on element: <table>
Value Meaning
all Rules on all rows and columns.
cols Rules between columns.
groups Rules between groups.
none No rules in table.
rows Rules between rows.
Restriction @rules is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Sample

Horizontal rules to be displayed between a table’s rows

<table rules="rows">