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paddingsee @cellpadding


<page-count> Page Count

Page Count Attributes


page count in citationssee Length and Size

page identifiersee <elocation-id>

page number, firstuse <fpage>

page number, lastuse <lpage>

Page of Related Article


page rangesee @page

Page Range Attributes parameter entitysee %page-range-atts;


Page Ranges

pagessee <elocation-id>



Paragraph Attributes parameter entitysee %p-atts;

Paragraph Elements parameter entitysee %p-elements;

Paragraph-Level Elements Module parameter entitysee %para.ent;

Paragraph-Level Elements parameter entitysee %para-level;


parameter entity for, Funding Source Elementssee %funding-source-elements;

parishsee <state>

part, compound keyworduse <compound-kwd-part>

participating-researchers (contributor was a researcher for an article.)see @fn-type


Part Title Attributes



Part Title Elements parameter entitysee %part-title-elements;

Part Title in a Citation


patent, cited examplesee Patent

Patent Attributes parameter entitysee %patent-atts;



patent nameuse <patent>

Patent Number, Cited

Patent Number Elements parameter entitysee %patent-elements;

patronymicsee <surname>


pedigree, namesee <suffix>


<permissions> Permissions

Permissions Attributes



Permissions Model parameter entitysee %permissions-model;

personal namessee Tagging Personal Namessee Multiple Versions of a Name

Personal Names Class Elements parameter entitysee %person-name.class;

personal names in citationssee Names and String Names in Citations


Person Group Attributes parameter entitysee %person-group-atts;



Person Group Elements parameter entitysee %person-group-elements;

Person Group for a Cited Publication


Person Group Information for References parameter entitysee %person-group-info.class;


Person Group Model parameter entitysee %person-group-model;




Phone Attributes parameter entitysee %phone-atts;



Phone Number: in an Address

Phone Number Elements parameter entitysee %phone-elements;

photographersee <role>


Phrase Class Elements parameter entitysee %phrase.class;


Phrase Content Class Elements parameter entitysee %phrase-content.class;


Phrase-Level Content Elements Module parameter entitysee %phrase.ent;

picturesee <inline-graphic>


Pixels Datatype parameter entitysee %Pixels.datatype;

place of publicationuse <publisher-loc>

plain listsee @list-type

plate sectionsee <fig-group>

@platforms Platforms

podcast name (in bibliographic entry)use <source>

poemuse <verse-group>

poem indentinguse @indent-level

poem linesee <verse-line>

poetry indentation patternssee @style-detail


Pointer to Object Described in Explanation

@pointer-to-question Pointer to Question

portraituse @orientation

@position Position

postal addressuse <address>

postal boxsee <addr-line>

<postal-code> Postal Code


%postal-code-elements; Postal Code Elements

postboxsee <addr-line>

postcodesee <addr-line>

post nomsee <degrees>see <suffix>

post-publication-noteuse <notes>

postulate, mathematicaluse <statement>

precissee <abstract>

preferred termsee @term-status

prefixsee <label>

<prefix> Prefix

Prefix Attributes


prefix charactersee @list-type


Prefix Elements parameter entitysee %prefix-elements;


Prefix Word (For a List Item)





Preformat Model parameter entitysee %preformat-model;

Preformatted Text

Preformatted Text Attributes parameter entitysee %preformat-atts;

Preformatted Text Elements parameter entitysee %preformat-elements;


preprintsee <article-version>

preprint datesee @date-type

preprint release datesee <pub-date-not-available>

present-address (contributor's current address)see @fn-type

presented-at (conference, colloquium, or other occasion at which this paper was presented)see @fn-type

presented-by (contributor who presented the material)see @fn-type

preserve whitespacesee @xml:space

previously-at (contributor's previous location or affiliation)see @fn-type

<price> Price

Price Attributes parameter entitysee %price-atts;



Price Class Elements parameter entitysee %price.class;


Price Elements parameter entitysee %price-elements;

<principal-award-recipient> Principal Award Recipient

Principal Award Recipient Attributes



Principal Award Recipient Elements parameter entitysee %principal-award-recipient-elements;

<principal-investigator> Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator Attributes



Principal Investigator Elements parameter entitysee %principal-investigator-elements;

printingsee <edition>

print onlyuse @specific-use


Private Character (Custom or Unicode)

Private Character Model



Private Use Area and Custom Characters Attributes

private-use characteruse <glyph-data>see <private-char>see @descriptionsee @name

proceedings citationssee Conferences in Citations

processing alternativessee Tagging Alternative Versions

processing historyuse <history>use <pub-history>



Processing Metadata

Processing Metadata Container Attributes

Processing Metadata Group


produceruse <role>


Product Attributes parameter entitysee %product-atts;




Product Elements parameter entitysee %product-elements;see %product.class;

Product Information

product reviewsee Tagging Book or Product Reviews


professional certificationuse <degrees>

programsee <aff>

programming codeuse <code>

Programming Languagesee @language

project administrationsee <role>

pronunciation filesee <inline-media>

proofsee <article-version>

proof, mathematicaluse <statement>

proposition, mathematicaluse <statement>

provinceuse <state>

pseudo-codesee <code>








pubfrontsee <article-meta>







publicationsee <journal-title>

publication datesee @date-typesee @pub-type

Publication Date

Publication Date Attributes parameter entitysee %pub-date-atts;

Publication Date Class Elements

Publication Date Model

Publication Date Not Available Attributes

Publication Date Not Available Flag

Publication Date Not Available Model

Publication Event Attributes


Publication History

Publication History Attributes

Publication History Model

Publication Identifier Attributes parameter entitysee %pub-id-atts;

Publication Identifier for a Cited Publication

publications typessee “Type” of Cited Work


publication typesee @pub-type

<publisher> Publisher

Publisher Attributes parameter entitysee %publisher-atts;


Publisher Content Model parameter entitysee %publisher-model;

publisher informationsee <publisher-loc>see <publisher-name>


Publisher Location Attributes





Publisher Name Attributes




Publisher’s Location

Publisher’s Location Elementssee %publisher-loc-elements;

Publisher’s Name

Publisher’s Name Elementssee %publisher-name-elements;

Publishing for MathML parameter entitysee %ISOpub;

pubmed idsee <object-id>

pubnamesee <journal-title>


punctuation in citationssee Mixed Style Citationssee Element Style Citations

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