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validation, contribution tosee <role>


variant of a termsee @term-type

verbatim textsee <preformat>

verseuse <verse-group>

Verse Form for Poetry


Verse Group Attributes parameter entitysee %verse-group-atts;



Verse Group Model parameter entitysee %verse-group-model;


verse lineuse <verse-line>

Verse Line Attributes parameter entitysee %verse-line-atts;



Verse Line Elements parameter entitysee %verse-line-elements;

versionsee <edition>




%version-elements; Version Elements

version numbersee @designator

version of recordsee <article-version>see @article-version-type

Version of TeX or LaTeX

version of the articleuse <article-version>use <article-version-alternatives>

Version of the Tag Set (DTD)

Version Statement

verso headsee <alt-title>see @alt-title-type

Vertical Alignment (NISO JATS table model)

Vertical Alignment Attribute For Cell Contents parameter entitysee %CellVAlign.attrib;

vertical positionsee @valign

video objectsee <media>

Vietnamese erasee <era>

visualization, contribution tosee <role>

vitasee <bio>





vocabularysee <glossary>

Vocabulary/Taxonomy Identifier

Vocabulary/Taxonomy Name

Vocabulary/Taxonomy Term

Vocabulary/Taxonomy Term Identifier


volumeuse <volume>







Volume Identifier

Volume Identifier Attributes parameter entitysee %volume-id-atts;

Volume Identifier Elements parameter entitysee %volume-id-elements;



Volume Issue Grouping


volume nameuse <volume-id>

Volume Number

Volume Number Attributes parameter entitysee %volume-atts;

Volume Number Elements parameter entitysee %volume-elements;

Volume of Related Article

<volume-series> Volume Series

Volume Series Attributes parameter entitysee %volume-series-atts;



Volume Series Elements parameter entitysee %volume-series-elements;

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