currency Currency

Type of currency in which the price is presented.


Best Practice

Although this is an optional attribute, best practice is to include it for every price where it is known. The attribute can take any value, but best practice is to use the ISO 4217 “currency code” values. These are 3-letter, all upper case codes that are NOT the same as the ISO country codes. Examples include:
United States Dollar in the US and US territories
Canadian Dollar
European Union Euro
Russian Ruble
These codes are defined by ISO in ISO 4217 and listed at:
OPTIONAL on element: <price>
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters An abbreviation for a currency, typically using the ISO 4217 three-letter alphabetic codes, for example, “USD” for the United States Dollar.
Restriction @currency is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Sample


The @currency attribute should use the ISO 4217 three-letter currency codes.
<product product-type="book">...
 <publisher-name>Wildside Books</publisher-name>, Rockville,
 MD, 2010, Price: <price currency="USD">$4.99</price>. ISBN:
 <isbn>1557426805</isbn>, <size units="pages">330</size> p.