%doc-back-matter-mix; Document Back Matter Elements

Elements used inside the back matter (element <back>) of an article to describe ancillary material such as an appendix.


Historical Note

This parameter entity (%doc-back-matter-mix;) was significantly remodeled from previous versions of this Tag Set. The current NISO JATS values are backward compatible with the last NLM version, but not with earlier versions. Specifically, in prior versions the %doc-back-matter-mix; parameter entity included the %sec-level; parameter entity, which has been replaced by the %sec.class; parameter entity. This change has no effect on compatibility unless the Tag Set has been customized though the use of the parameter entity.
<!ENTITY % doc-back-matter-mix
                        "%back.class; | %front-back.class; |
                         %sec.class;"                                >
Expanded Declaration

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