<custom-meta-group> Custom Metadata Group

Container element for metadata not otherwise defined in the Tag Suite.


NLM DTD Historical Note

This element (<custom-meta-group>) was significantly remodeled from previous versions of this Tag Set. The current NISO JATS values are backward compatible with all JATS versions and with the last NLM version, but not with earlier NLM DTD versions. Specifically, the <custom-meta-group> element replaces the <custom-meta-wrap> element, which is no longer available.
Related Elements
The element <custom-meta-group> is a grouping element that holds one or more <custom-meta> elements. Each <custom-meta> element contains a name/value pair, <meta-name> and <meta-value> respectively, which name and provide a value for a single metadata field.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  custom-meta-group
                        %custom-meta-group-model;                    >
Expanded Content Model


Tagged Samples
CrossMark identifier
  <page-count count="1"/>
Previous journal title
   <journal-title>Biodiversity &amp; Mutation</journal-title>
    <meta-value>Evolution of Biodiversity</meta-value>
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