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General Technical for MathML parameter entitysee %ISOtech;

Given (First) Names

Given (First) Names Elements parameter entitysee %given-names-elements;


Given Names Attributes parameter entitysee %given-names-atts;



given names initialsuse @initials

glossarysee <back>


Glossary Attributes parameter entitysee %glossary-atts;


glossary definitionsee <def>

Glossary Elements List

glossary-group (renamed)use <glossary>

glossary headingsee <def-list>see <term>


Glossary Model parameter entitysee %glossary-model;

glyphsee @format



Glyph Data Attributes


Glyph Data Character Being Referenced

Glyph Data for a Private Character



Glyph Reference Attributes

Glyph Reference for a Private Character




Government Attributes parameter entitysee %gov-atts;

government publicationuse <gov>

Government Report, Cited

government report, cited examplesee Government Report

Government Report Attributes parameter entitysee %gov-atts;

Government Report Elements parameter entitysee %gov-elements;

grant informationsee <funding-group>

grant numberuse <award-id>

grant sponsoruse <funding-source>

graphicsee @mimetype

<graphic> Graphic

Graphic, Inline

graphic, multiple forms ofsee Tagging Alternative Versions

graphical abstractuse <abstract>

Graphic Attributes parameter entitysee %graphic-atts;


graphic contentsee <body>see <fig>

graphic formulasee <disp-formula>

graphic in the backgrounduse @position

graphic in the marginsuse @position


Graphic Model parameter entitysee %graphic-model;

graphic positionuse @baseline-shift

graphic versus figuresee Tagging Figures/Graphics/Media

Greek letters parameter entitysee %ISOgrk1;

Greek Letters parameter entitysee %ISOgrk1;

Greek Symbols for MathML parameter entitysee %ISOgrk3;

groupsee <collab>

group, figuressee <fig-group>

group, floating elementsuse <floats-group>

group authorsee <collab>

groupingsee <article-categories>

group of peoplesee @person-group-type

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