math-representation Math Representation in This Document

A list of the (possibly many) ways that mathematical expressions may be represented in this document, for example, both MathML and TeX (“mathml tex”) or both MathML, SVG graphics, and narrative text (“mathml images plain-text”).


This attribute has an NMTOKENS value, meaning a space-separated list of values, so that a document can declare that it may include both TeX and images, for example, or MathML, gif images, and TeX. If the document includes no math, this optional attribute may not be present. Likely values include:
mathml   tex   latex   images   plain-text 
Listing the types of math presentation a document may use is not quite the same as describing all the math representations a system must have to show the math in the document, as some of the math representations may be inside <alternatives> elements. In that case, a user/rendering application is expected to choose the most appropriate of the alternatives to display.
OPTIONAL on element: <processing-meta>
Value Meaning
A space-separated list of words that name math representation types The math representations that may be used in the document, for example, “mathml”, “latex”, “tex”, “images”, and “plain-text
Restriction @math-representation is an optional attribute; there is no default.