<corresp> Correspondence Information

Information concerning how and with whom to correspond about an article.


A cross-reference element (<xref>) may point to this element’s @id attribute.

Best Practice

While this element contains an optional <label> element, the <label> element should be included only in those circumstances where a formatting override is needed; <label> should NOT be used in the ordinary course of tagging.
Related Elements
Best Practice: In current journal Tag Set practice, information naming one contributor as the corresponding contributor may be tagged explicitly using a <corresp> element or may just be one of many footnotes <fn> concerning the contributor. While this Suite supports both practices, if possible, the correspondence information should be tagged using the Correspondence Information (<corresp>) element.

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<!ELEMENT  corresp      (#PCDATA %corresp-elements;)*                >
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Tagged Samples
In <author-notes>
  <corresp>Correspondence should be directed to Tabitha 
   O&rsquo;Malley, RN, Assistant Editor, <italic>Ste. Genevieve 
   Journal of Nursing</italic>. Letters may be routed 
   electronically (email: tomalley@ste_genevieve_nursing.edu) 
   or by mail to: Ste. Genevieve School of Nursing, Lowell 
   Administrative Building, 110 Chesterfield Drive, Winston, 
   PA  68490-3257. Submitting a letter to the Journal grants 
 <pub-date iso-8601-date="2008"><year>2008</year></pub-date>
With <fn> in <author-notes>
  <contrib contrib-type="author">
   <role>senior scientist</role>
   <xref ref-type="aff">
   <xref ref-type="corresp" rid="cor1">&#x2010;</xref>
  M&#x00E9;dicale Universitaire, 1005 Lausanne, 
  Switzerland, <sup><italic>b</italic></sup>Swiss 
  Federal Office of Public Health, Bern, Switzerland</aff>
  <fn fn-type="con">
   <p>&#x2003; Contributors: VD'A was responsible for data entry,
    management and analysis, interpretation of results, and writing
    the manuscript. PL was responsible for clinical supervision,
    data collection, and interpretation of results.</p>
  <corresp id="cor1">&#x2010; Correspondence to: B Genton
 <pub-date publication-format="print" date-type="pub" iso-8601-date="2002-04-13">