<tbody> Table Body (NISO JATS table model)

Container element that holds the rows and columns in one of the body (as opposed to the header) portions of a table.
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A NISO JATS XHTML-inspired table may be divided into header elements <thead> and table body elements <tbody>.

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Content of an <array>

 <p><italic>Goniocyclus hannibalensis</italic> is founded on specimens that
  cannot be related to a precise stratgraphic position within the excavated
  succession; consequently faunal relationships cannot be expressed with 
  certainty. ... Preliminary reports of the ancestral
  <italic>Goniocyclus</italic> species are described as:
     <td><sc>Goniatitina</sc> (Hyatt, 1884)</td>
     <td><sc>Pericyclaceae</sc> (Hyatt, 1900)</td>
     <td><sc>Pericyckidae</sc> (Hyatt, 1900)</td>
     <td><sc>Goniocyclus</sc> (Gordon, 1986)</td>
     <td>Type Species</td>
     <td><italic>Goniatites blairi</italic> (Miller and Gurley, 1896)</td>
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