Glyph Data Character Being Referenced

An IDREF-type attribute that points to the @id attribute of the <glyph-data> character inside a <private-char> element. The idea is to use the full <glyph-data> with its name and bitmap once, then point to an existing character instead of defining the entire <glyph-data> element repeatedly.


Once a private character has been declared using a <glyph-data> element, the character can be reused by using this attribute on a <glyph-ref> element to point to the existing full <glyph-data> element (bitmap included).

Used on Element: <glyph-ref>

An identifier (IDREF)The pointing uses the ID/IDREF mechanism, using the @glyph-data attribute of the <glyph-ref> element to point to the @id attribute of an existing <glyph-data> element.
Restriction@glyph-data is an optional attribute; there is no default.


<private-char name="NORTHWEST SOUTHEAST ARROW" description="Arrow,
normal weight, single line, two-headed, Northwest to Southeast">
<glyph-ref glyph-data="NWSEArr"/></private-char>