Term Status

The current status of a term (<term>) in the vocabulary from which it is taken, for example, “preferred”.

Used on Element: <term>

Text, numbers, or special charactersThe status word that describes the state of the term, for example, “non-preferred” (deprecated).
Restriction@term-status is an optional attribute; there is no default.

Suggested usage

Although this attribute can take any value, Best Practice recommendation is to use one of the following values, first defined in NISO STS and alter adopted by JATS:
A term that does not meet the requirements to be a preferred term, but is not deprecated, possibly because it is in common use. Expanded and abbreviated forms of a term are sometimes used as admitted terms.
This term is deprecated in favor of a preferred term. Deprecated terms include obsolete and superseded terms.
This term is the current term, the one to be used.