Used in an embedded index entry to hold preferred terms that make “See” references in a generated index.


Best Practice:The primary (useful) content of a <see> element is one or more <index-term> elements to which the user is being directed. Thus a typical embedded See reference would contain only an <index-term>, with words such as “See” (or similar) generated by a display application. Many other elements are allowed within a <see> element for those rare cases where additional narrative explanation of the index-term is provided.


Content Model

<!ELEMENT see           (#PCDATA %see-elements;)*                    >

Expanded Content Model

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Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

Example 1

Directs the reader to an alternate term:
<sec id="sec10-3-3">
<title>Interstate Compacts<index-term id="idx313"><term>Interstate 
<term>States, Agreements with other States</term>
<p>For many years after the Constitution was adopted, boundary 
disputes continued to predominate as the subject matter of agreements 
among the States.  Since the turn of the twentieth century, however, the 
interstate compact has been used to an increasing extent as an instrument 
for state cooperation ...</p>


Example 2

Points the user to an alternate term (See) and some related terms (See Also):
<p>Fu attribuito prevalentemente ad 
Aristotele<index-term index-type="person" id="idx108">
</index-term>, anche se l&rsquo;origine avicenniana era 
tramandata dalle sottoscrizioni di parecchi manoscritti e nota a commentatori 
come ad esempio Adamo di Bockenfield<index-term index-type="person" id="idx903">
>Adamo di Bockenfield</term>
<see-also><index-term><term>Adam de Bocfeld</term>
<see-also><index-term><term>Adam Bockenfield</term>