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background imageuse @position


Back Matter for a Book Part



@baseline-shift Baseline Shift

beneathsee <underline>

best practice citation taggingsee The Critical Tags for Journals

bibliographic entry, reference tosee @ref-type

bibliographic information for the booksee <book-meta>

bibliographic itemuse <ref>

bibliographic listuse <ref-list>

bibliographyuse <ref-list>





BITS Common (Shared) Element Module


BITS namespacesee About a JATS and BITS Namespace




block formulasee <disp-formula>


block quoteuse <disp-quote>

block quote signatureuse <attrib>

blog entry, reference tosee @ref-type

blurbuse <abstract>


body, tablesee <tbody>



Body of a Book Part

Body of the Book

<bold> Bold


<book> Book

book, cited examplesee Book Citations



Book Appendix Attributes

Book Appendix Group Attributes

Book Appendix Group Model

Book Appendix Model







Book Back Attributes


Book Back Matter

Book Back-Matter-Only Class






book citationssee “Type” of Cited Work

book citations, discussionsee Cited Books

book control numberuse <book-id>




Book Current Version Alternatives

Book Current Version Status or Number






book footnotessee <fn>



Book Identifier


Book-level Count (generic count)

Book-level Equation Count

Book-level Figure Count

Book-level Page Count

Book-level Reference Count

Book-level Table Count

Book-level Word Count



Book Metadata (Whole Book)




book or book-part version typesee @content-version-type




<book-part> Book Part






Book Part Identifier


Book-part-level Appendix

Book-part-level Appendix Group




Book Part Metadata






<book-part-wrapper> Book Part Wrapper









<book-title> Book Title

book title (in bibliographic entry)use <source>



<book-title-group> Book Title Group



book title in citationssee Titles in Citations


Book Version Class Elements




Book Volume Identifier

<book-volume-number> Book Volume Number







Border (Frame) around a Table (NISO JATS table model)

borders and framessee Table Formatting

botensee @style-detail


<boxed-text> Boxed Text

boxed text, reference tosee @ref-type




Break Attributes



building numberuse <addr-line>

bulletsee @list-type

businesssee <aff>

bylinesee <contrib>

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