<copyright-holder> Copyright Holder

Name of the organizational or personal entity that holds a copyright.


The copyright holder is typically identified within the copyright statement, as this statement is expected to be displayed. The copyright holder name may also be repeated in this element for purposes of searching and metadata extraction.
The <copyright-holder>, <copyright-statement>, and <copyright-year> elements may be used only within the container element <permissions>.
Related Elements
There are three copyright elements which may be contained in the <permissions> grouping element:
  • <copyright-statement>, which is the textual statement of the copyright intended for print and display (The full statement usually contains the copyright holder’s name and the year among other information.);
  • <copyright-year>, a metadata element that names just the copyright year (This is intended for metadata searching and aggregation and is typically not displayed.); and
  • <copyright-holder>, also a metadata element that is typically not displayed.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  copyright-holder
                        (#PCDATA %copyright-holder-elements;)*       >
Expanded Content Model

(#PCDATA | institution | institution-wrap | sub | sup | x)*

Tagged Sample

In book metadata

  <book-title><italic>C. ELEGANS</italic> II</book-title>
  <publisher-name>Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press</publisher-name>
  <publisher-loc>Plainview, NY</publisher-loc>
  <copyright-statement>&copy; 1997 Cold Spring Harbor 
   Laboratory Press</copyright-statement>
  <copyright-holder>Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory