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e-addresssee <email>

eastern name display sequenceuse @name-style

e-componentsee <media>

edited-by (contributor has the role of an editor.)see @fn-type

editing and review, contribution tosee <role>

<edition> Edition



edition numberuse <edition>see @designator

editoruse <role>see @contrib-type

editor-groupsee <contrib-group>

editor-noteuse <notes>

electronic addresssee <email>

electronic componentsee <media>

Electronic Location Identifier

electronic mailuse <email>

electronic onlyuse @specific-use

<element-citation> Element Citation


element citations, discussionsee Element Style Citations




Elocation Identifier


Email Address



embed index terms inlinesee <index-term>

emphasissee <bold>see <italic>see <monospace>see <sc>see <underline>

emphasis, no element for specific type in JATSsee @style-detail





End Date

endmattersee <back>use <book-back>

endnoteuse <fn>

end page numbersee <lpage>

enhanced version of recordsee <content-version>



entry, listsee <list-item>

entry, tablesee <td>see <th>

e-pathsee <uri>

epigraphsee <disp-quote>

e-published datesee @date-type

equal (contributed equally to the creation of the document)see @fn-type


Equal Contribution

equationsee <disp-formula>see <inline-formula>

equation, chemistrysee <chem-struct>

equation as a termsee @term-type

equation numbersee <label>


Era Attributes


Era of Time

<etal> Et Al.










Event Description

Event in Publishing History



exchangesee <speech>

@executable Executable

executablesuse <code>

executive summarysee @abstract-type

expanded termsee @term-type

expansion of acronymuse <abbrev>see <def>

<explanation> Explanation



expression, chemistrysee <chem-struct>


Extended by Attributes


%extended-by-elements; Extended-by Elements

Extended-by Model

extended quotesee <disp-quote>

extentsee <book-page-count>

external filesee <graphic>see <media>see <supplementary-material>

external linkuse <ext-link>see <inline-supplementary-material>

External Link

external link typeuse @ext-link-type

external referencesee <ext-link>

external unique identifiersee <ext-link>see <pub-id>





extractsee <disp-quote>

extract attributionuse <attrib>

Extra Table Attributes (NISO JATS table model) parameter entitysee %Core.extra.attrib;

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