name Name (Private Character)

The unique name for the character being defined by <private-char>.


The @name attribute for a defined private character <private-char> provides a Unicode-style name (an all uppercase name) for the private character, for example, “COMBINING CYRILLIC PALATALIZATION”. In contrast, the @description attribute for a defined private character <private-char> provides a rough visual description, for example, “combining vertical tilde”.
OPTIONAL on element: <private-char>
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters For use with <private-char>, supplies the name of the character being defined. By convention, this character should be named in a fashion similar to names found in the Unicode Standard (for example, in all uppercase ASCII, “NORTHWEST SOUTHEAST ARROW”).
Restriction @name is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Sample

Unicode-style name (all upper case) for a <private-char>

<private-char name="NORTHWEST SOUTHEAST ARROW" description="Arrow,
  normal weight, single line, two-headed, Northwest to Southeast">
 <glyph-data id="NWSEArr" format="PBM" resolution="300"
   x-size="34" y-size="34">