<open-access> Open Access

Open access provisions that apply to a work or the funding information that provided the open access provisions.


This tag is for in-line discussions of open access that cannot readily be captured in the <license>, or that are in addition to the information there. If there is a paragraph in the text that mentions that this is an open access document, there should be a license element that describes it.
Also, <open-access> can also be used inside <funding-group>, for statements about who paid the fees to make a document open access. Both may occur in the same document, but that is not required.

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<!ELEMENT  open-access  %open-access-model;                          >
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Tagged Sample

Designation as an advertisement

 <kwd-group kwd-group-type="author">...</kwd-group>
  <funding-statement>L.S.Y. is the recipient of a
   <award-id id="MBS" award-type="scholarship">Martha
   Becker Scholarship Award</award-id> from the
   <funding-source rid="MBS">Alzheimer &amp; Dementia
   Foundation</funding-source>.  This work was also supported 
   by a grant from the <funding-source id="IOA">Institute 
   on Aging</funding-source> (grant no.
   <award-id rid="IOA" award-type="grant">634-TL-88953</award-id>),
   and <funding-source id="NIDE">National Institute for 
   Diseases of the Elderly</funding-source> contract no.
   <award-id rid="NIDE" award-type="contract">GCB-792-55648</award-id>
   <p>Page charge payment having partially discharged this 
    article&rsquo;s publication costs, this article is designated
    as an &ldquo;advertisement&rdquo; under 18 U.S.C. section 1734.</p>