<title-group> Title Group

Container element to hold the various titles for a document component.


This BITS model differs from JATS article <title-group> in not starting with the privileged <article-title>, substituting the more generic element <title>.
Related Elements
The very similar element <book-title-group> is used only at the book level (inside <book-meta>).
In the metadata for a book or book-part such as a chapter, there are several elements concerned with the title of a book or book component. Such titles are contained within either the container element <book-title-group> (inside the <book-meta>) or the container element <title-group> (inside book parts, Tables of Contents, Indexes, etc.):
  • The <book-title> is the full title of the entire book in the original language of the document.
  • Book parts such as a Dedication, a chapter, an appendix, an Index, or a Table of Contents use the element <title> for their full titles in the original language of the document.
  • The <subtitle> is a subordinate or auxiliary title that adds information to one of the full titles or modifies a full title. Subtitles may modify either <book-title>s or structural <title>s.
  • The <alt-title> is another version of a book title or a structural title, usually created so that the title can be processed in a special way, for example, a short version of the title for use in a Table of Contents, an ASCII title, a title without equations, or a version of the title to be used in the right-running-head.
  • The <trans-title-group> is also a container element (inside either a <book-title-group> or a <title-group>) that holds together a translated title (<trans-title>) and its translated subtitle (<trans-subtitle>). The translated title is a version of the title translated into a language other than the original language of publication, and the matching subtitle is a version of the subtitle translated into a language other than the original language.

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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  title-group  %title-group-model;                          >
Expanded Content Model

(label?, title?, subtitle*, trans-title-group*, alt-title*, fn-group?)

Tagged Sample

Book-part label and title

<book dtd-version="2.1">  
  <book-part id="bid.2" book-part-type="chapter">
    <book-part-id book-part-id-type="doi">...</book-part-id>
     <title>GenBank: The Nucleotide Sequence Database</title>
     <contrib contrib-type="author">
     <date date-type="created" iso-8601-date="2002-10-09">
     <date date-type="updated" iso-8601-date="2004-07-27">
    <sec id="bid.3">...</sec>
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