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sansee <addr-line>

<sans-serif> Sans Serif







schemesee <fig>

schemegrpsee <fig-group>

schoolsee <institution>

scientific namesee <named-content>


Scope (NISO JATS table model)


<season> Season













sectionsee @sec-type


section, reference tosee @ref-type

section abstractuse <abstract>


Section Metadata

Section Metadata Attributes


<see> See

<see-also> See-Also






See-Also Index Entry







See Index Entry




Self Uri Class Elements


semantic contentsee @sec-type

semanticssee @list-content


sequencesee <elocation-id>see <list>


sequence numberuse @seq

<series> Series



<serif> Serif


sesamis (sesame dots)see @style-detail

Set Up MathML Prefix

Setup Module parameter entity for MathMLsee %mathml3-mathmlsetup.ent;see %mathml3-modules.ent;

short captionsee <alt-text>

short titleuse <alt-title>

Showing the Link

Show in Table of Contents Flag


sidebaruse <boxed-text>

sidebar, reference tosee @ref-type

sidebar DOIsee <object-id>










Signature Block





simple listsee @list-type


simple tablesee <array>


singlesee @underline-style

site of the conferenceuse <conf-loc>

sizesee @units

<size> Size



size in citationssee Length and Size

slanted emphasisuse <italic>

slogansee <conf-theme>

Small Caps

sobriquetuse <prefix>

software, contribution tosee <role>

software versionuse <version>

songuse <verse-group>


Sort Key for Index Entry

sourcesee @source-id

<source> Source




Source Identifier

Source Identifier Type


source in citationssee Titles in Citations

source of a graphic, figure, or tableuse <attrib>

source referencesee <ext-link>

source typesee @source-id-type

@source-type Source Type

spacing, cellsee @cellspacing

spansee @colspan


Span (NISO JATS table model)

span namesee @colspan

span specificationsee @colspansee @rowspan

<speaker> Speaker



special casesee <custom-meta>

special issueuse <issue-title>

@specific-use Specific Use

<speech> Speech



sponsorsee <conf-sponsor>use <funding-source>

springuse <season>

square listssee @style-detail

Srsee <suffix>

stackuse @arrange

staggeruse @arrange

Standard, Cited

standard address numbersee <addr-line>

standards bodyuse <std-organization>

Standards Organization

standfirstsee @abstract-type

stanzasee <verse-group>

stanza linesee <verse-line>


Start Date

start pagesee @page

start page numbersee <fpage>

statesee <addr-line>



%state-elements; State Elements


Statement, Formal

statement, mathematicalsee <statement>




statement of data availabilitysee Data Availability Statements

State or Province

status, termsee @term-status

status of the bookuse <content-version>








stereochemical abstractuse <abstract>

street addressuse <addr-line>

stress markssee @style-detail



Strike Through




String Conference Name



%string-date.class; String Date Class


string keywordsuse String Keywords




struck outuse <strike>



study-designsee <role>

study-group-members (contributor was a member of the study group for the research.)see @fn-type


Style (NISO JATS table model

style, listsee @list-type






Styled Special (Subject) Content

style of abstractuse @abstract-type

@style-type Style Type

Styling Detail



subjectsee @content-typesee @subj-group-type




Subject Group

Subject Group Class Elements

Subject Grouping Name

subject mattersee <subj-group>

subjectssee @sec-type

subject termsee <kwd>see <subject>






submitted datesee @date-type

submitted manuscript under reviewsee <content-version>

subordinate namesee <subtitle>

subscriptsee @arrange


subsectionuse <sec>

subsidiarysee <institution>





<suffix> Suffix



summarysee <abstract>see <annotation>see <long-desc>


Summary (NISO JATS table model)

summeruse <season>



superioruse <sup>

superscriptsee @arrange


supervision, contribution tosee <role>


supplementary materialsee <inline-supplementary-material>see @mimetypesee @sec-type

<supplementary-material> Supplementary Material

supplementary-material (points to or describes supplementary material for the article)see @fn-type





Supplement Information


support, not financial (funding)see <contributed-resource-group>

<support-description> Support Description

Support Description Attributes


Support Description Elements


supported-by (Research upon which a work is based was supported by some entity)see @fn-type

<support-group> Support Group

Support Group Attributes


%support-group-model; Support Group Model

supporting materialsee <back>see <book-back>

supporting material (integral)see <app-group>

supporting material for part of a book (integral)see <app>

supportive materialuse <supplementary-material>

<support-source> Support Source

Support Source Attributes


%support-source-elements; Support Source Elements


@suppress Suppress

<surname> Surname



surname initialsuse @initials

symbolsee <inline-graphic>

@symbol Symbol

symbol as a termsee @term-type

symbol listuse <legend>

symbols as list prefix characterssee @style-detail

synopsisuse <abstract>see @abstract-type

systemsee @pub-id-type

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