<volume-in-collection> Volume in Collection

A container element for the volume metadata for a book in a collection, for example, to hold the <volume-number>. This element may repeat, for example, with a different language, for each set of volume data or for each of many usages.


Volume information for books, encyclopedias, and book series is not the same kind of “volume” as the <volume> that is part of the JATS journal metadata. (In BITS, this element is limited to bibliographic citations and similar referencing elements.) Large works such as an encyclopedia may be divided into physical, logical, or semantic volumes. A book may be published as a monograph as well as part of one or more collections or monographic series. So volume information is needed at the series (collection) level. In addition, books of articles are published that are similar to the <volume> in a journal article and such volume metadata needs to be specified at the book level, as a <book-volume-number>.
Related Elements
Within the metadata for a book, the book volume elements are <book-volume-number> and <book-volume-id>, and the collection volume element is <volume-in-collection>.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  volume-in-collection
                        %volume-in-collection-model;                 >
Expanded Content Model

(volume-number?, volume-title?)

Tagged Sample

Part of <collection-meta>

  <title>Balisage Series on Markup Technologies</title>
  <volume-title>Proceedings of Balisage: The Markup Conference 
  <publisher-name>Mulberry Technologies, Inc.</publisher-name>
  <p>The <italic>Balisage Series on Markup Technologies</italic> 
   is an occasional series that includes the proceedings of 
   conferences, symposia, and other markup-related events.</p>
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