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Face Markup Elements

facsimileuse <fax>

falluse <season>



family nameuse <surname>




Fax Number: in an Address










figure, reference tosee @ref-type

figure DOIsee <object-id>

Figure Group

figure groups versus figuresee Tagging Figures, Graphics, and Multimedia

figure setsee <fig-group>

figure titlesee <caption>

filesee <ext-link>see <graphic>

final datesee @date-type

financial-disclosure (Statement of funding or denial of funds received in support of the research on which a work is based)see @fn-type

financial supportsee <contributed-resource-group>

first letter of surnameuse @initials

first namesuse <given-names>

First Page

first published datesee @date-type

<fixed-case> Fixed Case

Fixed Case Attributes


fixed locationuse <target>

fixed positionuse @position

Floating Element Group

floating positionuse @position



Floats Group Attributes




flush rightsee @align










fontsee <italic>see <sans-serif>see <sc>see <serif>


Font Character Table Offset

@fontname Font Name


footnote, reference tosee @ref-type

Footnote Group

footnote symbolsee @symbol

foreignuse <named-content>

<foreword> Foreword



formal analysis, contribution tosee <role>

formal statement, mathematicaluse <statement>

formal thanks for a graphic or figuresee <attrib>

@format Format

format, filesee @mimetype

format, publicationsee @publication-format


format of a cited worksee Format or Media of Cited Work

Format of Publication

formatting poetryuse @indent-level

formatting tablessee Table Formatting

format typeuse @fig-type

formulasee <disp-formula>see <inline-formula>

formula, displaysee <disp-formula>

Formula, Display

Formula, Display Group

Formula, Inline

formula, reference tosee @ref-type

formula as a termsee @term-type

forthcoming publication, cited examplesee Forthcoming Publication




Frame (NISO JATS table model)


free accesssee <license>

Free to Read (NISO Access License and Indicators)

Free to Read (NISO ALI) Model

Free to Read Attributes



freeze caseuse <fixed-case>

@from-where From Where


<front-matter> Front Matter



<front-matter-part> Front Matter Part




fullForm termsee @term-type

funding (monetary) supportsee <support-group>

funding acquisition, contribution tosee <role>



<funding-group> Funding Group



<funding-source> Funding Source



<funding-statement> Funding Statement



further readinguse <ref-list>

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