<note> Note in a Reference List

Non-citation content inside a bibliographic reference list.


Sometimes end note material is placed within a bibliographic reference list, as one of the numbered reference items. The <note> element holds such material.

Best Practice

This element should be limited to conversion use only. When new reference lists are created, notes should not be intermingled with citations.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
The following, in order:
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  note         %note-model;                                 >
Expanded Content Model

(label?, (p | product)+)

Tagged Sample

Notes rather than citations within a <ref> (any citation?)

<ref id="c33">
  <p>While the samples appear homogeneous in terms of local variations in 
   transition energy and PL intensity, the response to external electric fields 
   is strongly inhomogeneous, which can most likely be attributed to local 
   variations in the AlGaN back contact conductivity as well as inhomogeneities 
   in the passivation process.</p>
<ref id="c35">
  <p>The geometric optimization and electronic transport properties are 
   all calculated by a developed <italic>ab-initio</italic> software package 
   Atomistix ToolKit, which is based on the spin-polarized density-functional 
   theory combined with the non-equilibrium Greens functions. ...</p>
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