<size> Size

Size of a resource or object described in a bibliographic reference or product. The @units attribute must be used to name the units of measure (for example, minutes, hours, linear feet, pages).


Sizes and Units

In both styles of citations (<mixed-citation> and <element-citation>), Best Practice for naming sizes and units is:
  • The <size> element holds the number, length, etc. of objects (“4”, “12” “368”)
  • The required @units attribute holds the canonical value of the unit (“leaves”, “pages”, “seconds”, “MB”, etc.), and
  • The displayable value of the unit is recorded separately (see below).
Mixed Citations — Best Practice for mixed-style citations (<mixed-citation>) is to place the unit display text into the free text of the citation. The unit display should never be inside the <size> element.
<mixed-citation publication-type="conf-proc">
 <size units="pages">385</size> p. <comment>(Progress in
 brain research; vol. 147)</comment>
Element Citations — In element-style citations (<element-citation>), there is no one Best Practice for recording displayable units. The units in the text can be handled in several ways:
  • Best if possible. If the @units attribute value has been tagged consistently, the unit display text can be generated on display and does not have to be included in the element content:
    <size units="pages">256</size>
  • If generating the display test for the unit is not possible, the display of the unit text can be handled (awkwardly):
    • Included as content of a <comment> or an <x> element
      <size units="pages">256</size><comment> p.</comment>
    • If all else fails. Included as content in the <size> tag:
    <size units="pages">256 pages</size>
Pages inside <product>
In the metadata for a book or book component, the element <book-page-count> records the number of pages in a print version, and the <page-range> records additional page information such as discontinuous ranges. However, in the description of a <product>, number of pages should be recorded using the <size> element, which can also be used for running time and other measurements of size/length. The element <book-page-count> cannot be used inside <product>.
Related Elements
<size> compared to <book-page-count> — The <size> records information about cited material. The <book-page-count> element is document-level metadata that records similar page-size information for the work rather than for cited material. The <size> and <book-page-count> are modeled very differently. The size element is assumed to contain the textual value of the size:
<size units="paragraphs">8</size>
while the page count element is an EMPTY element that stores its value in the @count attribute:
<book-page-count count="26"/>
units (REQUIRED)

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Any combination of:
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  size         (#PCDATA %size-elements;)*                   >
Expanded Content Model

(#PCDATA | x)*

Tagged Samples
In citations (print, PDF)
Mixed citation
 <mixed-citation  publisher-type="gov">
  <person-group person-group-type="author">
  <given-names>John C</given-names></string-name>, 
  <aff>Texas Heart Institute, Houston, TX</aff>
  </person-group>. <gov>Report No.: NIH-N01-HV-5-3006-4-VI. 
  Contract No. N01-HV-5-3006</gov>. <source>ALVAD: 1980. 
  A comprehensive final report to NHLI</source>. 
  Vol. <volume>1</volume>. <publisher-loc>Bethesda 
  (MD)</publisher-loc>: <publisher-name>National Institutes 
  of Health, National Heart and Lung Institute, Devices 
  and Services Branch</publisher-name>; <month>01</month> 
  <year iso-8601-date="1980-01">1980</year>.
  <size units="pages">340</size> p. Available from: NTIS,
  Springfield, VA; PB80-148810</mixed-citation>
Element citation
 <element-citation publisher-type="gov">
  <person-group person-group-type="author">
    <given-names>John C</given-names></name>
   <aff>Texas Heart Institute, Houston, TX</aff>
  <gov>Report No.: NIH-N01-HV-5-3006-4-VI. Contract No. 
  <source>ALVAD: 1980. A comprehensive final report to NHLI</source>
  <publisher-loc>Bethesda (MD)</publisher-loc>
  <publisher-name>National Institutes of Health, National Heart and 
   Lung Institute, Devices and Services Branch</publisher-name>
  <year iso-8601-date="1980-01">1980</year>
  <size units="pages">340</size>
  <comment>Available from: NTIS, Springfield, VA; 
Media object
<ref id="B7">
 <element-citation publication-type="film">
    <given-names>Dorothy Jean</given-names></name>
   <role>Director and Cinematographer</role>
  <source>Gone with the Mind</source>
  <size specific-use="running time"
    units="minutes">95 minutes</size>
Related Resources
For a discussion on the use of <size>, see Length and Size.